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Spring Has Sprung Which Means It's Food Truck Season - Prepare with a Utica First Business Owner Policy for Food Trucks

Spring has sprung and the weather is getting nicer. This means a variety of food trucks are springing back up on our streets. Whether they be taco, BBQ, chicken, pizza, or some other type of food truck, they are open for business, and spreading the joy of lunch and dinner in communities everywhere.


Food truck owners and operators make important investments in these businesses and should ensure they invest in the proper coverage to protect them. Food truck owners face many risks to the financial well-being of their businesses. Some of these risks include food poisoning, burns and cuts, slip and falls, equipment loss or damage, vandalism, and vehicle accidents.


Either as a stand-alone BOP, or as an endorsement to an existing Utica First Business Owners policy on a restaurant, Utica First is here to help protect these important investments. But what do food truck owners need to know before determining if Utica First’s coverage is the right fit for their food truck?


What You Need to Know

  • Because a food truck is operated as a motor vehicle, it’s important to ensure that the truck has a Business Auto Policy to cover the vehicle and the business for operations while driving.
  • Signing up for our food truck policy is simple. We’ll need to understand a little about your daily operations and type of service. We will also need the make, model, year, and VIN of your truck.
  • If you’re looking to secure coverage for your food truck or are considering opening one, please know that stand-alone food trucks must be in operation at least 9 months of the year to qualify, unless we already write the restaurant.
  • Rating is simple! We base it on a minimum of 100 square feet, along with the actual sales.
  • If the truck has a grill or fryer on board, it must also have a Class K fire extinguisher. Almost any type of food truck is eligible, with the exception of smokers and wood-fired cooking food trucks.
  • If we also write insurance on a restaurant for the food truck owner, this policy will also cover liability as a restaurant while the food truck is parked and operating for business.
  • Commercial Umbrella available up to $5 million.
  • Blanket additional insured coverage available at insured’s request.

What Coverage Looks Like


Utica First’s Food Truck Business Owner Policy coverage includes:

  • Business Property Insurance: Helps protect the physical location that your business owns or leases as well as property such as fixtures, equipment, and inventory.
  • General Liability Insurance: Helps protect your business in the event that bodily injury, property damage, or personal and advertising injury occurs as a result of the business's operations.
  • Business Income Insurance: Helps replace lost income when you are unable to conduct business due to a covered property loss like a fire.

You already know Utica First as one of the best value companies for restaurant risks. Now make sure your staff is also quoting the ever-growing number of food trucks in your area. To learn more about our Business Owner Policy for Food Trucks, click this link. #KeepingInsuranceSimple

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