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Changing Seasons Keep HVAC Contractors Busy – Utica First’s HVAC Coverage Keeps These Businesses Protected While Providing Peace

August ushers in the final lazy days of summer. It’s also a busy time for HVAC contractors. They will be busy winding down summer and planning for the upcoming seasonal change to fall. Specifically, the final weeks of cooling installations, maintenance, and repairs, and also preparing furnaces for heating needs that are just around the corner. 

HVAC contractors invest in tools, equipment, and crews in order to run a successful business. What is sometimes overlooked is investing in coverage to protect the business and mitigate the many risks the industry faces each day.

Managing Risk for Business Success

Risk management is often seen as something only large corporations have to worry about. This could not be further from the truth. Small companies in particular need a risk management strategy because they are typically less likely to weather—financially or legally—unexpected mishaps as opposed to their larger company counterparts. This is where a Utica First Artisan HVAC Contractor Policy can help.

Standard Coverage

Utica First’s HVAC coverage has standard protections that include general liability (bodily injury, property damage, commercial property, the place where business is conducted), business income (loss of income when business cannot be conducted), and tools and equipment (tools and equipment used to operate the business).

Tailored HVAC Coverage

Optional coverages are available and can be bundled into an affordable Toolbox or Toolchest package that make sense to each HVAC business owner’s operation, such as blanket equipment coverage and coverage for the property of others, among others.

Man fixing airconditioner unit

HVAC business owners have to focus on the many moving parts associated with their businesses. Having the proper protection gives them one less thing to think about and the peace of mind that, should the unexpected occur, Utica First has them covered. 

Utica First is known for its long-standing commitment to customer service excellence. We offer both credit card and eCheck payments, and we are always available to help you handle questions. If you have artisan HVAC contractors in the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, or Massachusetts, click here to learn more about how to build the best coverage for them. #KeepingInsuranceSimple

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