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More Than 40,000 Contractors Trust in Utica First’s Policy – To Provide Caring Coverage When the What-ifs Occur

Utica First opened its doors for business 120 years ago. Since that time, we have developed many innovative product categories to meet the needs of our varied policyholders. One of those product categories is our Artisan Contractor Policy that over 40,000 contractors have come to trust.

Many small contractor business owners—from residential electricians and plumbers to painters—trust in Utica First because of our policy to be there when they need us, providing them with the care they deserve during trying times.

Importance of Small Business Coverage

Some small contractor business owners may dismiss the need for coverage, wrongly assuming managing business risk is for bigger companies in the market. This could not be further from the truth. In actuality, small companies especially need coverage more than their larger counterparts as large companies are more likely to have the financial resources to weather unexpected mishaps much better than small ones.

A Utica First Artisan Contractor Policy can provide small business owners the coverage they need to protect their businesses and provide relief from worry with Utica First’s policy that, should something happen, we have them covered.

Our Standard Coverage

Utica First’s HVAC coverage has standard protections that include general liability (bodily injury, property damage, commercial property, the place where business is conducted), business income (loss of income when business cannot be conducted), and tools and equipment (tools and equipment used to operate the business).

Optional Coverage

Optional coverages are available and can be bundled into an affordable Toolbox or Toolchest package that make sense to each business owner’s operation, such as blanket equipment coverage and coverage for the property of others, among others.

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Over 40,000 contractors have trusted and partnered with Utica First not only because of our policy, but also because we:

  • Have best-in-class customer service
  • Provide excellent base coverages at a very reasonable cost
  • Have the exclusive TOOLBOX and TOOLCHEST endorsements where groups of extra coverage can be bundled for an affordable price
  • Offer many other optional endorsements so coverage can be customized
  • Have been refining and enhancing our Artisan Contractor Policy for more than 25 years!
  • Have no audits! Plus, we rate a policy by number of employees (we allow up to 10)
  • Will write businesses just starting out
  • Have several installment plans that allow payments by EFT or credit card

Find Out More

Utica First is known for its long-standing commitment to customer service excellence. We offer both credit card and eCheck payments, and we are always available to help you handle questions. If you have artisan contractors in the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, or Massachusetts, click here to learn more about how to build the best coverage for them. #KeepingInsuranceSimple

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