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March Means Springtime and a Perfect Time for Small Contractors to Prepare for Their Busy Season

In March we say goodbye to winter and hello to spring. Small contractors also say hello to the start of their busy season. As contractors start planning for this new business, ensuring proper business insurance coverage should be a top priority. A Utica First artisan contractor policy can help. 

Whether small contractors have been in business for years or are a new venture, protecting the business from financial loss should the unexpected occur is essential. Utica First understands the commonplace risks contractors—such as painters, landscapers, gutter cleaners—face, which include personal injuries, equipment damage, or property damage. Contractors face these risks each day, but can have peace of mind—should an unforeseen loss occur—that their businesses and crews are protected.

Coverage Highlights

Standard Coverage

  • General Liability – protects a contracting business in the event that bodily injury, property damage, or personal and advertising injury occur

Optional Coverage

  • Commercial Property – protects the place where business is conducted and the things used to conduct business
  • Business Income – covers the loss of income when the business can’t run because of a covered property loss 
  • Tools and Equipment – covers vital tools and equipment that are stolen or damaged

Over 40,000 Contractors Entrust Their Businesses to Us
Over 40,000 contractors have trusted—and partnered with—Utica First because we put them first. We know that when it comes to small contractor businesses, one size does not fit all. We listen closely to them and tailor the best possible insurance solutions based on their unique challenges and business goals. Some of our solutions include:

  • Excellent base coverages at a very reasonable cost
  • Exclusive TOOLBOX and TOOLCHEST endorsements where groups of extra coverage can be bundled for an affordable price
  • Many other optional endorsements so coverage can be customized
  • More than 25 years of refining and enhancing our artisan contractor policy 
  • No audits! Plus, we rate a policy by number of employees (we allow up to 10)
  • Writing new ventures
  • Several installment plans that allow payments by EFT or credit card

We have coverage for many types of contractors who specialize in residential work or serve as a sub-contractor, such as: